Nursing Home Marketing Ideas

Ideas to Marketing Nursing Homes Online

Would you like to learn how to market your nursing home business? We are excited to share tips on nursing home marketing in this useful guide.

Marketing ideas to help nursing homes get more calls, messages, and inquiries.

#1 – Maintain Social Media Presence

If you are a business owner of a nursing home it is a must to maintain active nursing home social media profiles on all leading social media platforms to connect with prospective residents through various social media channels. An average person spends more than 2 hours daily on social media, therefore you can’t neglect social media for your business. Social media promotion is an important aspect of marketing for any nursing home business. By active social media posting you can open the door to connecting with potential clients as you cultivate a sense of trust by sharing the quality of care your nursing home provides.  Update your social media profiles at least once per week with fresh, catchy content that resonates with an audience and touches their pain points. Make sure that content is specific for each social media channel to optimize engagement

#2 – Invest In the Website

Do you currently have a website for your nursing home? If not, you might already be at a disadvantage. This is the digital age, where people do business online. An updated website is a must for the growth of your nursing home business. Through your nursing home’s website, you can readily provide information about your staff, amenities, location, and pricing, thereby assisting potential clients in accessing necessary details. Without a website, you risk missing out on valuable leads. Imagine you are actively blogging on your website how many people you can reach? If you are not comfortable with website building or marketing, consider hiring a reputable nursing home web company that specializes in website management and marketing for nursing homes or healthcare services.

#3 – Do not sleep on Blogging

Content marketing through blogging is an effective approach to reach potential clients. By regularly posting blog posts on your website to get a valuable opportunity to reach can your targeted audience. Blogging also helps with search engine ranking improvement. By regularly posting content on your blog, you can establish yourself as a respected authority in the industry. If you lack confidence in your writing abilities, hire professional content writers who specialize in healthcare or nursing home subjects. Hire a content writer and devise a monthly blog post schedule and allocate topics to your writer for the flow of fresh content for your blog.

#4 – Invest in Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most powerful tool for nursing homes looking to grow their business online. For video marketing, hire a video of video experts, there are many video marketers that make videos for TikTok or YouTube you can hire their services for professional work. To get started, consider partnering with a professional video marketer who has experience in the healthcare industry. An expert videographer can create high-quality videos that get views and shares. With the right video marketer on your side, you can showcase your nursing home in the best light possible.

#5 – Testimonials

If you own a website and don’t have testimonials displayed from existing customers, you’re missing out. When searching for a nursing home, people often make decisions based on feedback from others. Make sure to obtain testimonials from existing residents, ideally in video form, and display them on your nursing home website to increase the chances of sales and for building trust among potential residents.

#6 – Content Marketing

If the content is KING, then content marketing is Queen.

Content marketing is the best digital marketing strategy for businesses low on marketing budget. With content marketing, you can affordably improve the reach of your nursing home. Utilize free platforms such as Substack, LinkedIn, Blogger, and Medium for content marketing if you are tight on budget but if you have good budget partner with websites that are high authority, and publish paid content on their website for maximum exposure, it is recommended to regularly invest in content marketing. However, it’s also important to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality of your content. Providing valuable, informative, and engaging content can help establish your nursing home as a trusted authority.


#7 – SEO


If you have a nursing home website, consider hiring a nursing home SEO expert, SEO is a must for care businesses as they serve a local area. The nursing home’s visibility in local search results can be improved with local SEO techniques like Google My Business optimization, reviews, regular posting, and citation building. If you are new to nursing home marketing chances are you don’t know much about SEO. In easy wording, SEO is the strategy that helps websites rankings in search engines. When families search for nursing homes in their area, the facility with a strong local SEO is more likely to appear, increasing the chances of attracting nearby residents.

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